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Green Bloc Neigbhourhoods Vancouver underway!

The Whistler Centre for Sustainability has teamed up with Evergreen and SFU Public Square to launch Green Bloc Neighbourhoods, a new project in Vancouver that fosters sustainability through collaboration and innovation at the neighbourhood level. We are working with the four selected neighbourhoods: Dunbar, Kensington/Cedar Cottage, Cambie and the West End on collaborative projects to reduce residents’ ecological footprints.  Find out more about our engagement services.

For more information, contact Cheeying Ho 604.388.8421.

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Building Capacity in BC’s Small Communities for Affordable Housing

Affordable housing remains a challenge for communities large and small throughout BC. While almost all communities in BC have policies in their Official Community Plans (OCPs) supporting the development of affordable housing, implementation of these policies and actually getting homes built remains a challenge. Tools such as density bonuses, inclusionary zoning, amenity cost contributions and development cost charges have been used in some larger communities to support the creation of affordable housing units.

However, in smaller communities, these tools may not be as effective or even possible, due to the lower density nature, rural culture or insufficient development to support those tools. Furthermore, housing options are more diverse in larger communities, and developers and builders are more able to provide different products.

Click here for more information, or contact Cheeying Ho 604.388.8421.

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Engagement & Facilitation

We are process design and engagement and facilitation experts. We work with a client to identify the goals for engagement, who we need to engage with, how to engage, and then we design and facilitate an effective and creative process to meet those engagement goals.
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Strategic Planning

Our strategic planning services help local governments and organizations identify their vision and goals, and then to develop the strategies to get there, ensuring their team is moving in the same direction.
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Community Planning

We are planning specialists. We assist clients to identify their goals (the ‘what’) for success and sustainability, and the strategies and actions (the ‘how’) to get there.
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