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Inspire and facilitate effective conversations and planning for a better world.

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Sidney Downtown Streetscape Project

The Whistler Centre is part of the project team assisting the Town of Sidney in developing urban design guidelines and streetscape standards. Our role is the engagement lead, designing and delivering a broad and fun engagement strategy to get the community’s input into how the downtown can be improved as a people-centred place. All of the public input was summarized in a ‘What We Heard’ report, which informed the design workshop to create the urban design guidelines and streetscape standards.

For more information contact Cheeying Ho 604-388-8421.

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Latest News

The Walrus Talks in Whistler
October 22

Join us for Quest University Canada Presents The Walrus Talks Innovation, a lively, thought-provoking discussion about building new ideas in education, technology, society, and more. The Walrus Talks Innovation will feature some of Canada’s brightest minds, including Nicholas Parker, Tzeporah Berman, Alex Villeneuve, Cheeying Ho, and more.
The Walrus Talks is a national series of events produced by the charitable, non-profit Walrus Foundation as part of an educational mandate to provide forums for conversations on matters vital to Canadians.

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Engagement & Facilitation

We are process design and engagement and facilitation experts. We work with a client to identify the goals for engagement, who we need to engage with, how to engage, and then we design and facilitate an effective and creative process to meet those engagement goals.
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Strategic Planning

Our strategic planning services help local governments and organizations identify their vision and goals, and then to develop the strategies to get there, ensuring their team is moving in the same direction.
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Community Planning

We are planning specialists. We assist clients to identify their goals (the ‘what’) for success and sustainability, and the strategies and actions (the ‘how’) to get there.
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