Community Energy Planning

Climate change and rising energy costs will impact all communities. However, depending on how communities respond, they can be just perceived as threats, or they can be seized upon as opportunities for innovation and change.

Communities have as much control over energy use and greenhouse gas emissions as any other level of government and many communities are taking the lead on these issues.

Inspiring visions and dedicated implementation has fostered common sense change and leading edge improvements in communities across Canada. These improvements have helped to save money, increase community resiliency, foster healthier living, and create new jobs – outcomes that everyone can get behind.

Whether developing a corporate energy and emissions plan or a community energy and emissions plan, our approach is scalable, involving and inspiring as many stakeholders as possible to collaborate and take action.

Whistler Centre for Sustainabilty

Feature Project

City of St. Albert

Alongside the Pembina Institute, the Whistler Centre for Sustainability worked with the City of St. Albert to develop a comprehensive Local Action Plan for Energy Conservation and Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emission (LAP).  The project included: a detailed situation analysis; GHG inventory forecast and targets; performance indicators; engagement; action planning and reporting.