Climate Caucus Strategic Planning, Member Engagement and Summit Support

Supporting non-profit climate organizations is one way we advance our goals of contributing to climate mitigation community resilience and sustainability. We provide this support through partnerships, strategic planning and engagement services offered at discounted rates or on a pro bono basis – and we love doing it!   

For the past several years, we have provided this kind of support to Climate Caucus* by leading their strategic planning processes, enhancing member engagement, and assisting them with their annual summit.  As a result, they have become better equipped to help Canadian communities in the transformation to net zero. 

Client: Climate Caucus  

Completion date: October 2022 

Key deliverables: Strategic plan, member survey, vision and mission, summit design 

*Climate Caucus is a non-partisan network of currently 650+ current and former local elected leaders and over 1000 allies, leading the transformation needed for communities to thrive within planetary boundaries. 


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April 5, 2024