Tofino Tourism Master Plan

Tofino beach, BC

Project Description

As one of Canada’s most sought after vacation destinations, Tofino wished to to align tourism development, planning and marketing with community values and desired outcomes.  Seeking the input of community members and tourism stakeholders as well as the most current trends in tourism, local partners developed a tourism planning framework that included a vision, goals, strategic directions and a suite of short, medium and long-term actions.


“Dan and the Whistler Centre designed a well-informed community-driven tourism master planning process. Our process integrated our long term community goals, strengthened the relationships amongst tourism stakeholders and helped us focus on priority actions. This work has put all of the community’s tourism partners on the same page, which has been invaluable.” [Bob Machpherson, CAO]
Tofino Tourism Master Plan

Project Details

Key Deliverable: Tofino Tourism Master Plan (TMP)
District of Tofino, BC
Completion Date: 2014
Project Report: Tofino Tourism Master Plan

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