Strategic Planning

Want to get your team moving in the same direction through an engaging and efficient process that creates a clear path and energizes people?

Our strategic planning service provides facilitated time and space for your Council or Board and senior staff to come together to identify opportunities and challenges, set priorities, and then determine the key deliverables best suited for moving forward.

Key deliverables:

  • A simple yet solid ‘at a glance’ structure for your plan that you can build on for years to come and that can be easily and frequently referenced to keep everyone on track
  • Alignment with community-wide or organizational goals* such that your team is guided by higher level outcomes, rather than pet projects
  • An engaging, team-building, and collaborative process

“Developing a strategic plan is one of the most important and sometimes elusive tasks for Councils and their management teams. The strategic planning process led by [WCS] has created the clarity and focus we need for the next four years – and it brought our managers and Council team together in a forum of equals.  A clear, well-designed process has us all moving in the same direction. [WCS] did a superior job documenting our outcomes into a plan that our team uses every day.” – Bob Macpherson, CAO, District of Tofino

*If you do not have community-wide or organizational goals already developed through a community or stakeholder engagement process, we can design and deliver one to inform your strategic planning.