Tofino Strategic Planning

Tofino, BC

Project Description

Having worked with Tofino on their ICSP and Tourism Master Plan, we were asked to lead senior staff and the newly elected Council through strategic planning, and the development of their 2015-2018 strategic plan (profiled below). The 2015 process resulted in 15 clear priorities for the Council term, as well as a number of corresponding actions.

Since 2015, we have helped Tofino with a mid-term update of that four-year plan, supported the development of their 2019-2021 plan, and more recently guided them through another two-day strategic planning process, leading to the development of their Strategic Plan 2021-2023.

“Developing a strategic plan is one of the most important and sometimes elusive tasks for Councils and their management teams. The strategic planning process led by Shannon with the Whistler Centre has created the clarity and focus we need for the next four years – and it brought our managers and Council team together in a forum of equals.  A clear, well-designed process has us all moving in the same direction. Shannon did a superior job documenting our outcomes into a plan that our team uses every day.” [Bob Machpherson, CAO]

Project Details

Client: District of Tofino, BC
Completion Date: 2015
Project Plan: District of Tofino 2015-2018 Strategic Plan

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