The Centre for Sustainability, Whistler, is a non-profit organization that provides innovative planning and implementation services for local governments and private and non-profit organizations.

Our services emerge from the experience developing and managing Whistler’s award winning community sustainability plan, Whistler2020, and our extensive community planning experience in over two dozen communities around BC and Western Canada, and our ongoing planning and engagement work with businesses and non-profit organizations.

Our thoughtful and flexible approach to planning and implementation provides communities and organizations with values-based aspirational goals, an action plan, a monitoring system and other tools necessary for creating a successful and sustainable future.

Community Planning & Implementation

We offer a broad range of community planning and implementation services to assist local governments in creating a shared vision and in developing the strategies to get there.


Our strategic planning services help local governments and organizations identify their vision and goals, and then set the strategies to ensure their team is moving in the same direction.

Engagement & Facilitation

We assist with developing strategies to meaningfully and creatively engage people in the decisions that affect them; when done well, it also strengthens the decisions being made.

Monitoring & Evaluation

We can help develop an effective and simple monitoring and evaluating system to track your community’s or organization’s progress, which is essential for fostering trust, and learning and leveraging new opportunities.