Community Based Tourism Planning

Tourism has been called the gateway to rural economic development and it is a significant economic sector in many towns, regions and cities. More than any other industry, tourism requires collaboration and partnering amongst local, regional and provincial organizations as well as local citizens, business groups and operators. Done right, tourism can bring many benefits to communities and doing it right requires proactive planning and ongoing governance for community success. Our approach to community tourism planning respects the need for tourism to support broader community goals such as economic development, environmental protection and quality of life.

“Dan and the Whistler Centre designed a well-informed community-driven tourism master planning process. Our process integrated our long term community goals, strengthened the relationships amongst tourism stakeholders and helped us focus on priority actions. This work has put all of the community’s tourism partners on the same page, which has been invaluable” [Bob Machpherson, CAO]

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Feature Project

Tofino Tourism Master Plan
As one of Canada’s most sought after vacation destinations, Tofino wished to to align tourism development, planning and marketing with community values and desired outcomes.
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