Sustainable Community Planning and Implementation

Our sustainable community planning and implementation services help create the path to community success. Long-term planning – grounded in sustainability objectives – is the most effective path to creating this shared vision. Done right, sustainable community planning generates an inspiring conversation that engages and informs. The process leads to a plan that:

• Addresses economic, social and environmental issues
• Makes your community more resilient and prepared for change
• Shapes and informs investment and infrastructure decisions, reducing potentially costly short-term mistakes
• Develops social capital, goodwill and cooperation that supports strong governance

We have a solid track record of facilitating innovative community sustainability planning and implementation processes. We have a proven approach to creating robust implementation strategies, with particular expertise in small and medium sized communities.

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Feature Projects

Imagine Lacombe (MSP)
Using the input from the community, we identified community priority goals, desired outcomes, key directions and specific actions to move towards the vision. Read more.

Cultivating Creston

The process created connections and unearthed common objectives amongst the participants that are having ripple effects beyond the project itself. Read more.