Strathcona Regional District Area C ICSP

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Project Description

We inherited the Area C Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP) project from the previous consultants and set about to reset, refresh and relaunch it with a new approach, a new task force, and a new plan to engage residents and stakeholders – but with a short timeframe to deliver the draft plan based on the funding deadline. We turned the project around and delivered a successful project and product – and best of all, improved relationships and trust between the client and some key community members.  

The ICSP establishes the long-term vision and goals for the future of the area, serving as the high-level compass or north star for decision-making and for supporting the development of more detailed plans and regulations, such as an Official Community Plan and zoning bylaws. The plan also includes key initiatives that will be considered for implementation and some recommended indicators to track progress toward the vision and goals.  

Project Details

Client: Strathcona Regional District 

Completion date: March 2023  

Key deliverable: Integrated Community Sustainability Plan  

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April 24, 2024