Columbia Institute

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Project Description

The Columbia Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting local elected officials to be better equipped and skilled for their leadership roles. We supported Columbia Institute with a strategic planning process that involved: 

  • A survey with their key stakeholders and partners 
  • A scan of related organizations to understand where there were potential overlaps and synergies 
  • Development of a “theory of change” to inform thinking 
  • A facilitated full day strategic planning session involving board members, staff and key partners and stakeholders 

The resulting strategic plan included revised and clarified vision and mission statements and clear focus areas and strategies that will guide Columbia Institute for the next four to five years. Another outcome of this process was an intention to reconvene Columbia Institute’s partners and stakeholders on an annual basis to understand how its work contributes to elected officials’ needs, and to ensure that it continues to provide unique value. 

Project Details

Client: Columbia Institute

Completion Date: 2024

Key Deliverable:  Columbia Institute Strategic Plan 2024-2028

cover page for Columbia Institute Strategic Plan 2024-2028


Posted on

April 24, 2024