Sea to Sky Food Recovery Plan

hands holding bowl of red tomatos

The Sea to Sky Food Recovery assessment and planning project was undertaken to maximize the recovery and distribution of surplus food, and to minimize food waste in the Sea to Sky region. In order to achieve these objectives, the project focused on:

  • identifying the type, volume, and sources of surplus food in the region;
  • exploring current needs and food distribution models;
  • compiling a set of food recovery and distribution best practices; and
  • identifying actions for how to improve food recovery and redistribution that:
    • support the reduction of poverty
    • increase access to food
    • reduce food waste
    • increase capacity of organizations to recover and redistribute food.

A task force comprised of individuals from food distribution organizations (FDOs), local government, and food industry (hotels, restaurants, and grocers) representatives was created and engaged in the research and action planning. We led the project on behalf of the Resort Municipality of Whistler with funding from the Union of BC Municipalities Poverty Reduction Program.

The Sea to Sky Food Recovery Strategy and Action Plan was the final project deliverable, and a progress report on implementation through 2022 is also available.

Strategy and Action Plan Progress Report 2022


Posted on

April 9, 2023