With just over two years before the fall 2026 municipal elections in BC, it’s time to check in on your strategic plan. Are any mid-course corrections* needed based on newly emerging opportunities, constraints, challenges, or community priorities? 

We assisted the District of Tofino a few years ago with a mid-term review and update of their four-year strategic plan through a full-day workshop with Council and senior staff.  

 Contact us if you would like to engage your team in an update of your plan to ensure you make good progress by the end of this Council term. 

*A mid-course correction is an adjustment made in the middle of a course of events or actions to ensure that the desired outcome or destination is achieved. In a planning context, it means making changes to the plan when results begin to diverge from aspirations. The term was coined in the late 1950s to describe the navigational corrections made by a spacecraft to ensure it makes it to its destination.