Social Venture Challenge Success Story – Dooshi Pet Supplies

Jeff Anderson started making homemade dog treats not because he knew he wanted to start a business, but because he wanted healthier food for his beloved canine companions, Doobie and Lilly. At eleven years old, Doobie had developed several lumps on his body. After paying a visit to a holistic vet, Jeff discovered that these lumps were likely due to malnutrition during Doobie’s key growing years.

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Neighbourhoods Work Block Party 2017

The “Neighbourhoods Work Block Party” is an innovative initiative that aims to bring together residents, neighbourhoods and community organizations in a fun gathering to build social connections and to create even more amazing neighbourhoods. The initiative is made possible by the Community Fund for Canada’s 150th, the Community Foundation of Whistler, the Government of Canada and extraordinary leaders from coast to coast to coast.

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Ensure Your Team Achieves Results by Fall 2018!

With just under 2 years before the fall 2018 municipal elections in BC, it’s time to check in on your strategic plan! Are any adjustments necessary based on newly emerging opportunities, challenges or community needs? The District of Tofino undertook a mid-term review and update of their four-year strategic plan in November. We assisted the District to develop their strategic plan in 2015, and went back to design and facilitate the review and update process, including a nearly full-day workshop with Council and senior staff.

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Entrepreneurial approaches to meeting community needs

For those of us living in smaller, rural communities, we know the importance of creating greater resilience and self-reliance. This means that creating local economies that support residents and the community, rely less on imports, create local jobs, and preserve and sustain our natural assets requires an entrepreneurial approach that’s often different from traditional economic development.

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Walrus Talks Whistler

I had the honour of being invited to be one of the ‘talkers’ at the Walrus Talks on Innovation in Whistler last week. The talks were all super interesting, and I had a lot of fun preparing my talk. My topic was inspired by a line used by Mike Rowlands @ Junxion Strategy earlier this year – ‘The Space Between’ and I modified it to ‘The Space In Between,’ thinking about the space where change and innovation happens. So then I had to figure out how to communicate this idea in a 7-minute Walrus Talk. So here is what I talked about.

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2019 Age-Friendly Community Grants Announced

Unions of BC Municipalities (UBCM) announced the 2019 Age-Friendly Communities Program Grants. Applications are due November 2, 2018. For help with your application, contact us today. Or read a recent blog on how we are helping Lower Columbia become more age-friendly.