Highlands ICSP

District of Highlands, BC

Project Description

The District of Highlands Sustainability Strategy Advisory Committee was created to identify a number of recommendations for the community to move forward with to become more sustainable. The Centre worked with this committee to provide a structure and framework for an integrated community sustainability plan (ICSP), Sustainable Highlands, that incorporated the recommendations into nine strategy areas, identified specific descriptions of success within each strategy area, and a filter for determing specific priority actions, based on the recommendations of the STF, to move forward with. The Centre then assisted the District to do a high-level OCP alignment to ensure the OCP policies addressed the descriptions of success articulated in the ICSP.

Sustainable Highlands ICSP

Project Details

District of Highlands

Category: Integrated Community Sustainability Plan
Client: District of Highlands, BC
Completion Date: 2011
Website: District of Highlands website