Housing Action 

Our work in housing includes supporting communities with research, engagement and development of strategies. Research on leading practices provides real-life examples that communities can learn from and customize without having to reinvent the wheel. Our research has included: 

  • A Scan of Leading Practices in Affordable Housing in Small Communities 
  • Accessory Dwelling Units:  Case Studies and Best Practices from BC Communities 
  • Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) and Missing Middle: Practices and Recommendations 
  • Municipal Housing Corporations: Overview and Case Studies 

We have designed and facilitated community engagement campaigns to support affordable housing, including Canmore’s “Everyone Needs a Home” and the Comox Valley Affordable Housing project. We supported Small Housing with the design and facilitation of the Gentle Density Leadership Summits focused on gentle density infill housing.  

We also support communities with housing policy and strategies, and with housing needs assessments.  

Featured Project

The Creston Housing Action Plan provides the Town of Creston with a series of recommended actions that enable the supply of housing that is most missing in Creston – more affordable, secure, and healthy housing for low- and moderate-income residents.

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