Additional Services

Yes, we do even more! In fact, many of the services below are part of our origin story.  

Sustainability Planning and Official Community Plans (OCPs) 

We believe communities should have their cake and eat it too. That’s why we integrate sweet layers of engagement, sustainability principles and progress monitoring into the plans we develop or update.

We created one of Canada’s first award-winning sustainability plans, Whistler2020. Since then, we’ve completed more integrated community sustainability plans than any other planning group. 

Monitoring + reporting 

You’ve engaged your community, created an exciting plan backed by plenty of momentum, and articulated goal posts for success. Monitoring your progress is essential for ongoing learning and engagement, and staying accountable to your goals by ensuring you are still tracking in the right direction. Our insight, combined with new web-based reporting tools will ensure timely, relevant, and compelling scorecards to facilitate better action.  

Have something else in mind?

We can help with almost anything to do with planning, policy and engagement . Give us a call and we’ll find a way to help.