Where is your organization at on its antiracism, equity, diversity, & inclusion journey? 

Anti-racism, equity, diversity, and inclusion (AR-EDI) (see also EDI, JEDI, or DEI) are essential principles of fair, just, and thriving societies. They are necessary to help rectify widespread injustices that have marginalized and oppressed certain groups based on factors related to race, gender, or income for instance. Embedding these principles in your organization’s policies and practices is vital for advancing social justice, and can realize other benefits too.  

In this blog, I identify some of the benefits of making your organization more equitable and inclusive. 

Key Organizational Benefits 

Making a demonstrated, actionable commitment to AR-EDI can: 

Enrich decision-making and resilience through diversity of thought, experiences, and perspectives. When organizations include people from diverse backgrounds, they can better understand and address the needs of the entire community. 

Build stronger workplace culture where employees can do their best work because they feel safe, supported, and like they belong. Studies show that when these basic needs are met, workers are more engaged and dedicated. They also perform better and are less likely to leave their positions.  

Contribute to improved workplace creativity, problem-solving, equitable solutions, and innovation. These are crucial factors in organizational development and longevity.  

Help to mitigate conflicts by facilitating and encouraging open dialogue and understanding among diverse groups in the workplace. 

Support social licence to operate by building bridges with stakeholders, clients, and community members.  

Clearly, organizations have much to gain by embedding AR-EDI into their operations and culture. But putting AR-EDI principles into practice can sometimes be challenging. Stay tuned for the next blog focused on how your organization can overcome common pitfalls and make strides on your AR-EDI journey.  

In the meantime, here is a great Municipal Equity Kickstart Guide: Making Cities Work for All developed by the YWCA to support your community’s equity journey.

Interested in hosting or participating in an equity-focused workshop in your community? If so, contact Kim (kim[AT]whistlercentre.ca) to learn more.