Many communities wonder about the benefits and administrative requirements of setting up a municipal housing organization. They also have questions about coming legislation requiring all municipalities to allow secondary suites and increased density in residential areas. To address these questions, through the generous financial support of the Real Estate Foundation of BC and BC Housing, WCS Engagement + Planning has compiled some housing information resources to share with BC communities.  

Currently, available on our Resources page, these items include: 

  • Municipal Housing Corporations: Overview and Case Studies
    • Describing what Municipal Housing Corporation are, how they function, and their benefits 
    • Referencing three case studies: 
      • Canmore Community Housing Corporation 
      • Jackson / Teton County Affordable Housing Department 
      • Whistler Housing Authority 
  • Accessory Dwelling Units and Missing Middle Housing: Practices and Recommendations
    • Informing BC municipalities how best to implement Accessory Dwelling Units and missing middle housing in residential areas
    • Supporting the initiatives being proposed by the Province of BC in its Homes for People action plan.
    • Offering recommendations for zoning and learnings from the practices reviewed.

If you would like to learn more about how your municipality can set up a Municipal Housing Corporation or best respond to the coming housing legislation, contact Cheeying (cho[AT]