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The Centre assisted the Town of Faro and the community with the development of three plans, collectively called Forever Faro. It includes an Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP) update, an Official Community Plan (OCP) update and alignment, and a Corporate Strategic Plan. Forever Faro provides a clear vision for Faro for the next ten years and the initial steps for moving toward it, addressing today’s most important issues and opportunities faced by the community.

Created sequentially, the three plans were developed through a streamlined and cost-effective process, creating significant efficiencies. The Town of Faro and the Yukon Government partners identified the need and opportunity to develop the three plans at once, and should be commended for their leadership and foresight!

The most notable efficiencies that were enabled by the approach were:

  • Compatible plan structure: We were able to create a structure that worked for all three plans, thus making the links between the plans seamless and easy to follow.
  • One advisory committee: An advisory committee comprised of community members, staff and Councilors was engaged throughout the process. This allowed its members to become familiar with the structure and content of the plans and the planning approach being used, and we were able to move from one plan to the other without the need to review and provide background information at each transition point.
  • Community engagement: Having done the initial engagement for the ICSP and hearing the community’s discussions, stories, intentions and aspirations first hand made updating the OCP policies more efficient. We were then able to directly link the community vision to local government policies without an entirely new round of public engagement.

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>>> Forever Faro Strategic Plan

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