BC is on the front line of the electric vehicle (EV) wave thanks to our renewable electricity sources, progressive carbon pricing, environmentally-conscious consumers who’ve adopted green vehicles at twice the rate of other Canadians, support from local governments across BC, and funding support available right now from the Province.

EVs include battery-only vehicles (think Nissan Leaf, Tesla) and battery/fuel hybrid vehicles (think Chevy Volt, Prius-plug in). Both types of vehicles lead to dramatic reductions in transportation emissions over the entire life of the vehicle from sourcing the energy to the emissions out the tailpipe. Those reductions in emissions come with fuel cost savings of 80% as well as reduced maintenance costs. Combining these emission reductions cost savings with purchase rebates make EVs a good option for those focused on ‘the green’. A recent report by our friends at the Pembina Institute notes that BC could be home to over a million EVs in 20 years.

Right now, the Province has two funding programs to help support EV charging infrastructure to proliferate across the province. The first is a residential rebate program for installation of charging stations at single family residential dwellings. (Click here for complete program details).

The second and very timely program includes incentives for electric vehicle charging stations in multi-unit residential buildings and mixed-use residential/commercial buildings. Applying by December 17th 2012 can help stratas and building owners to stay on the front line of a new incentive program that may include up to 75% of installation costs. Forward this to local developers and strata managers today. For more information and an expression of interest application email Christina.Ianniciello[at]gov.bc.ca and mention RFEOI Number RFEOI20121126.

Strategic municipal policies and EV charging station location plans can help further the uptake of EVs in your municipality, helping to clear the air, meet your GHG reduction targets and be part of a shift to electrify our roads.

The Centre has just completed a project assisting the Resort Municipality of Whistler to highlight policy approaches and identify strategic EV charging locations, and can assist your community with a similar initiative to help move toward your community sustainability and GHG goals. Contact Dan Wilson at dwilson[at]whistlercentre.ca