Healthy Community and Age-Friendly Planning

Creating healthy communities is at the heart of all our planning, where we take an integrated approach to ensuring the social, economic and natural systems are being addressed to enhance overall community health, which encompasses physical, mental and social wellbeing. For some communities that have done extensive economic and environmental planning, diving deeper to plan the social systems may be what’s needed to ensure overall community health.

For those communities focused on becoming age-friendly – where older adults can enjoy good health, community support and feel a sense of security as they engage and participate in the community – the good news is that doing so not only improves quality of life for seniors, it also creates a more inclusive, safe and accessible community for everyone.

Our age-friendly planning services are based on a few foundational pieces: alignment with your other community plans; meaningful public engagement; and the widely used age-friendly framework developed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and used extensively by other countries, cities and communities, including Canada.

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Whistler Centre for Sustainabilty

Feature Projects

Creston Age-Friendly Action Planning

Created in conjunction with the Cultivating Creston ICSP and incorporating the age-friendly aspects from it, the Age-Friendly Action Plan was an efficient process that was able to move quickly into action plan development. Read more.

Sparwood Age-Friendly Action Planning

The District of Sparwood used grant funding from the province UBCM to create a plan to make their community more age-friendly with the aim of retaining retiring workers and existing seniors, and attracting new residents who want to stay long-term and age in place. Read more.