Ucluelet GHG Related OCP Amendment

Crashing Waves in BC

Project Description

The Centre assisted the District of Ucluelet in meeting their BC Bill 27 requirement to prepare an OCP amendment that incorporated GHG targets, policies and actions.

The Centre completed an new chapter for Ucluelet’s OCP to incorporate Greenhouse Gas targets, policies and actions tailored for the District.  Already a leader in green buildings and sustainable development practices, Ucluelet’s progressive GHG policies now clearly outline the role of local government, the timeline for implementing GHG measures, and address all of the seven areas that a local government can influence:

  1. Land Use and Development;
  2. Transportation;
  3. Buildings;
  4. Public Infrastructure and Facilities;
  5. Community Energy Systems;
  6. Solid Waste; and
  7. Awareness, Education and Outreach.

Along with the OCP update, the Centre also prepared a background report, identified appropriate GHG indicators, and created a spreadsheet-based data entry and monitoring system for these indicators.

Project Details

Ucluelet BC

Category: Emissions Analysis, Background Report, OCP Climate Action Chapter, Indicators and Monitoring System
District of Ucluelet, BC
Completion Date: 2010
Website: www.ucluelet.ca