Our Engagement Review process can help.

If you share the core belief that inclusive public participation is essential for trust and good governance, then you’ll want to explore what our Engagement Review process can offer.

Our process will help reveal what you’re doing well, what barriers exist, what channels your community prefers, and we will then recommend improvements. And of course, we will engage your community, Council, and staff in the process.

Here’s what we recommend as the Engagement Review objectives and key deliverables:

1. Identify improvements and additions to engagement and information channels. Deliverable: Engagement review findings and recommendations report

2. Update and formalize the engagement approach and commitment to the public. Deliverable: Community engagement policy

3. Provide clear expectations and resources to staff to execute. Deliverable: Staff guide and toolkit

We recently conducted an Engagement Review for the Resort Municipality of Whistler, the results of which are presented in their findings and recommendations report and their new engagement policy.


To learn more, contact Shannon at sgordon[at]whistlercentre.ca or (604) 906-0310. Pricing for this service depends on your objectives and the scope of your engagement practices. Let’s discuss your needs.

Research demonstrates that declining levels of public trust are eroding the capacity for productive public dialogue and debate within democracies like Canada’s. The research also suggests that a primary obstacle to rebuilding social cohesion and repairing public trust is neither the population nor the issues, but the process. While people can be united through effective public engagement processes, poor or non-existent public engagement creates divisions among citizens and may even polarize or paralyze public discourse. (Rebuilding Cohesion and Trust: Why Government Needs Civil Society, Institute on Governance, 2019)