by Cheeying Ho

Starting in April 2019, local governments are required to develop housing needs reports at least every five years, to:

    • collect information necessary to identify current and projected housing needs;
    • use that information to prepare and publish online a report, known as a housing needs report, showing current and projected housing needs for at least the next five years;
    • consider the most recently collected information and housing needs report when amending community and regional plans.

Funding support is available! And we can help.

The Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing has confirmed $5 million over three years for the new provincial Housing Needs Reports program, which supports local governments in undertaking housing needs reports in order to meet the provincial requirements. To qualify for funding, projects must:

    • be a new project or update to an existing, eligible housing needs report. Retroactive funding is not available.
    • result in a housing needs report for at least one entire planning area: municipality, electoral area, or local trust area.
    • be capable of completion by the applicant within one year from the date of funding approval.

Funding maximums are:

    • Population under 5,000: $15,000
    • Population 5,000 – 14,999: $20,000
    • Population 15,000 – 49,000: $30,000
    • Population 50,000 – 99,000: $50,000
    • Population 100,000 or greater: $70,000

Application deadlines:

    • May 31, 2019
    • November 29, 2019

The UBCM Housing Needs Report program guide outlines the process, and even supplies funding maximums by planning areas.

Contact Cheeying at cho[at] to discuss how we can help with your Housing Needs Assessments. Plus, can help with the funding application.