In the fall of last year, the Centre convened a regional Food Task Force with the goal of gathering expertise and ideas for collaborative action to advance region-wide initiatives for food system sustainability.

This project builds on existing plans and policies, identifying internal gaps and best practices from other regions that can be adapted for the Squamish – Lillooet region. We began by creating a framework for an action plan that addressed the complete food system over 8 components, from land and production, to processing and distribution, to consumption and waste.

Working with the Task Force, we developed a vision and goals for the regional food system, as well as a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis to identify key areas to focus on.

Based on the SWOT, gaps and leading practice ideas, the Task Force identified 23 potential regional actions, which were then prioritized to nine actions for immediate implementation. We are currently working with the Task Force on developing the implementation strategy for each of these nine actions, which will require seeking commitment from implementation leads and partners.

We’d like to thank our supporters for their funding and program contributions. For a full list, visit our Squamish-Lillooet Food project page.

For more information, contact Cheeying or Dawn