We are co-hosting a live screening of the TED2016 Conference February 15-19 at the Whistler Public Library.

Click here for the full schedule and conference details.

Come watch Session 12: Wake Up! with us from 9:30am-12:00pm, then join us to discuss how the ideas and concepts from the TED Talks apply to our own lives and community.
Session 12: Wake Up! Speakers:
  • T16_apply_newTshering Tobgay, Prime minister of Bhutan
    Acting on his mandate to move Bhutan into the 21st century, Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay is transforming his nation — while maintaining its “Gross National Happiness.”
  • Sue Desmond-Hellmann, CEO, Gates Foundation
    Sue Desmond-Hellmann leads the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s mission to establish equity for every person.
  • Stephen Wilkes, Narrative photographer
    By blending up to 100 still photographs into a seamless composite that captures the transition from day to night, Stephen Wilkes reveals the stories hidden in familiar locations.
  • Courtney E. Martin, Writer and entrepreneur
    Courtney E. Martin’s work has two obsessions at its core: storytelling and solutions.
  • Casey Gerald, American
    Casey Gerald chronicles the current state of the “American dream” and explores ways to sustain it for a new generation.
  • Julia Sweeney, Actor, comedian, playwright
    Julia Sweeney creates comedic works that tackle deep issues: cancer, family, faith.

Dreams matter.
And TED2016 will be dedicated to the greatest dreams we are capable of dreaming. It will be a week to stare hard at humanity’s toughest challenges, to listen to our greatest thinkers, artists and storytellers. A week to stir the blood. TED2016 Program Guide

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