As infrastructure should be planned within the context of long-term community sustainability, the Centre has developed a section of the Community Infrastructure Partnership Program (CIPP) toolkit on joint Community Sustainability Planning and facilitated a workshop with a number of Yukon communities on joint sustainability and infrastructure planning.

The joint Community Sustainability Planning (CSP) guide is a new feature of FCM’s CIPP Toolkit, an excellent resource for municipalities and First Nations communities, designed to help them work together on infrastructure service agreements and joint projects.  The guide introduces joint community planning and sustainability planning, provides a process overview, a checklist describing the process’ steps, methods for partnership building and community engagement, and a range of tools for implementing CSPs in the municipal/First Nations context, with a focus on infrastructure. The Centre then worked with FCM staff to design and facilitate a workshop to introduce and apply the CIPP Toolkit for Yukon communities, where 8 of 9 municipalities are co-located with First Nations communities, including integration of sustainability planning into infrastructure servicing.

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