Neighbourhoods Work Block Party

Neighbourhood Works Block Party

Project Description

The “Neighbourhoods Work Block Party” is a new and innovative initiative that brings together neighbours and community organizations in a fun gathering to build social connections and to foster conversations for even more extraordinary neighbourhoods.

Made possible through funding from the Evergreen Foundation the project was coordinated by the Whistler Centre for Sustainability. Funding of up to $500 was provided for each of the five volunteer led neighbourhood block party events.

“I felt that this gathering provided a wonderful and casual environment to learn and provide information to our local community. I appreciated the efforts to bring us all together in a social setting that we all were happy to attend.”

One of the goals of this project was to help foster deeper community connections which it itself tends to support individual wellbeing, but these connections also help to develop a foundation for neighbours to self-organize to better their neighbourhoods with community organizations and to respond in potential emergency situations.

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