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Inspiring and facilitating effective conversations and planning for a better world.

The Whistler Centre for Sustainability is a mission-driven, enterprising non-profit organization. Our vision for the future is a healthy, prosperous and sustainable world. To achieve this vision, we assist communities, businesses and organizations to move towards success and sustainability through:

Engagement and facilitation: We are process design and engagement experts. We work with a client to identify the goals for engagement, who we need to engage with, how to engage, and then design and facilitate an effective and creative process to meet those engagement goals.

Planning: We are planning specialists. We assist a client to identify their goals (the ‘what’) for success and sustainability, the current situation, and then the strategies and actions (the ‘how’) to achieve the goals.

Implementation: We are implementation gurus. We work with communities and organizations to develop an implementation strategy and process to make a plan a reality.

Monitoring and evaluation: We help clients measure what matters, and evaluate and communicate the information in order to increase engagement, and focus and improve planning and decision-making.

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What Makes Us Unique

We are a non-profit organization that seeks to create change in our communities to make them more livable, resilient, equitable and sustainable.

Our mission is to inspire and facilitate effective conversations and planning for a better world is carried out through:

· Designing and facilitating effective engagement strategies that inspire and encourage people to think about better communities
· Supporting non-profit organizations with strategic planning to more effectively fulfill their missions
· Developing innovative projects, testing them, and scaling them up
· Integrating sustainability into everything we do

Recent examples of some of our innovative mission-based work include:

· Creating the Sea to Sky Social Venture Challenge that provides support and mentorship to new social enterprises
· Developing a leading sustainable development screening tool for the District of Sechelt for evaluating development projects
· Supporting Habitat for Humanity Sunshine Coast with community engagement and development of their new strategic plan
· Designing an Integrated OCP (Official Community Plan) process for small communities that combines an Integrated Community Sustainability Plan with an OCP
· Launching a brand new project with Pemberton and Lil’wat Nation communities to support new food and/or art based enterprises


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