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City of Surrey Sustainability Charter Update

Surrey Sustainability Charter

The City of Surrey is taking their leadership one step further by focusing on how they can embed and integrate their Sustainability Charter more deeply into planning and operations through their Senior Management Team. Their next step is to update their Charter, which is now close to seven years old, and reviewing the vision and goals to ensure that they continue to articulate the desired future for the community in the years to come.

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Strategic Planning for Local Governments

Strategic Planning for Local Governments

New Council? Get everyone moving in the same direction! A strategic plan doesn't have to be complicated! Strategic planning should be guided by the vision and goals articulated by the community and be informed by today's budget realities, current performance data, and an analysis of current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT).

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UBCM Federal Gas Tax Strategic Priorities Fund

Strategic Planning Services

Great news for BC municipalities! UBCM has renewed its Federal Gas Tax Strategic Priorities Fund that includes funding for strategic investments in capital infrastructure and development of Integrated Community Sustainability Plans (ICSPs).

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