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Tofino's ICSP and Tourism Master Plan

We are working with the District of Tofino and the community to develop Tofino’s ICSP Vision to Action (V2A) and Tofino’s Tourism Master Plan.
V2A articulates a big picture vision, goals and a strategic plan for transformational change.
>>View the draft V2A Plan.
Tofino’s TMP is a community-based broad, long-term plan that creates a compelling vision for tourism in Tofino.
>> Read more about Tofino’s TMP
For more information please contact Cheeying Ho 604-935-8209

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Free Strategic Planning Webinar Oct 23rd

Register for our 'Introduction to Strategic Planning' webinar, October 23rd at 10:00am-11:30am (PT). This free webinar will address:

• Strategic planning benefits and outcomes
• Strategic planning process
• Preparing for strategic planning
• Aligning Council priorities to community goals

>> Email to register 
>> Read more about strategic planning

We assist businesses, organizations and local governments with strategic planning.
Contact Shannon Gordon 604-935-8210.

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Connect with us in Whistler during UBCM

Join us for a coffee and free one-hour walking tour of the sustainability sites in Whistler – sign-up here or meet us under the gazebo at the Town Plaza (in front of the Gap and BC Urban Grill): 3pm on September 23rd or 25th

>> Explore over 30 sustainability sites in Whistler with our online map

Contact us to chat about your community planning questions:
• Email us info@whistlercentre.ca,
• Call or text 604-388-8421, or
• Tweet us @whistlercentre

>> Watch a short, fun video about our community engagement and planning!