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Tofino Vision to Action ICSP and Tourism Master Plan (TMP)

We are excited to be working with the District of Tofino and the community to develop Tofino’s Vision to Action (V2A) ICSP, and Tofino’s Tourism Master Plan (TMP).
V2A will articulate a big picture vision, goals and a strategic plan for transformational change. >>View the draft V2A Plan
Tofino’s TMP is a community-based broad, long-term plan that will create a compelling vision for tourism in Tofino. >> Read more about Tofino’s TMP or watch video presentation updates
For more information please contact Cheeying Ho 604-935-8209

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Do you know where your organization is heading? The benefits of strategic planning

Strategic planning ensures that everyone knows where you're at, where you want to go and how to get there. Some of the benefits of proactive strategic planning include:

> Establish direction: be proactive rather than reactive 
> Make wise, informed business decisions 
> Increase effectiveness and/or profitability
> Ensure that staff, board members and other stakeholders all share a common understanding of the organization's vision, mission, goals and strategic directions

We assist businesses, organizations and local governments with strategic planning. Contact Shannon Gordon 604-935-8210.

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BC achieves 2012 GHG emissions target of reducing by 6% below 2007 levels!

Congratulations to all agencies and governments on your emission reduction efforts, especially to all local governments who have become carbon neutral and have implemented GHG and energy reduction strategies! For those communities wishing to undertake a GHG reduction plan (also referred to as a Climate Change action plan or a local action plan), FCM provides up to 50% funding (up to $175,000) of eligible costs. >> Learn more

Contact Dan Wilson 604-935-8373 to discuss how we can assist with your plan.


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